— we push you to go further

About Us

Who We Are

Out Of Bounds is a diverse team of design thinkers and creators. We collaborate with brave organisations – people who think big, regardless of business stage or size.

We work with clients who want to do things differently, who want progressive thinking and those who don't want to just fit in with the crowd.

Our Services

What We Want

To work with people, not for people. To work with forward-thinking businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve. To be part of positive change. To create conceptual, impactful and exciting brands. To find problems and solve them using creativity. To push you further.

Brand Strategy

Brand Design

Experience Design

Art direction
Digital product design
Editorial design
Environmental and retail design
Packaging design
Motion design
Art direction
Communication design
Social media

Brand identity
Brand development
Design systems
Concept development
Brand implementation
Brand management
Image language

Research and insights
Brand architecture
Brand platforms and strategy
Design strategy
Digital and experience strategy
Communication strategy

What We Do

We use brand, digital, print and experience design to help businesses connect and communicate with people.

We work with people and businesses to help them establish or reinvent their brand.

We use design strategy and ideas to make things simpler, smarter, more helpful, more beautiful and more fun.